Sticky Bumps Tour Series Cool – Cold

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En Sticky Bumps favorit. Något klibbigare än våra originalformler med 3X mer grepp. Tour Series är den ultimata kombinationen av grepp och hållbarhet. Optimal för vattentemperaturer 20 ° C och lägre.

Product Details

  • Slightly stickier 3x grip rating.
  • Team favorite – the ultimate combination of grip and durability.
  • Banana Scent
  • Non-Toxic / Biodegradable / All-Natural
  • Temperature Rating | Cool/Cold – For water temps 69°F-20°C and below.
  • For Best Performance –  Use Sticky Bumps basecoat under any of their temperature-specific waxes.


  • Temperature Range: 69°F-20°C and below
  • Weight (g):85

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#CALCITE – A key component in Sticky Bumps surf wax, calcite is made from decomposed seashells, fossils, and other organic material

#WAX – Paraffin is the base for all surf wax formulations. We add calcite, fragrance, and a special secret sauce to create the highest quality waxes in the industry.

#FRAGRANCE – The aroma of wax is important, without it wax wouldn’t be the same. Blueberry fragrance is added for that famous SB smell everyone loves

#NOWASTE- There is no waste in our wax-making process – everything is reused and recycled.

#HANDWRAPPED – Every bar of Sticky Bumps is lovingly hand packaged in our family-owned and operated factory in California

#FUNGUSAMUNGUS – Sticky Bumps biodegrade through a process in which bacteria & fungi emulsify back into the environment.

#DURABILITY – All of our waxes are formulated to endure the daily rigors of hardcore surfing.

#STOKE – Our ”hands-on production enables us to infuse stoke into each and every bar. Over 4 Million bars of wax per year connecting us to the surfers of the world, that’s spreading the love.

#BATCHING – Each style of wax has a unique and temperature-specific formula The ingredients are combined and heated in metal steam kettles (vats).

#STEAM – The waxes are melted using steam, this helps to minimize environmental impact in the production cycle.

#CHILL – After proper blending, the wax is poured into the Sticky Bumps Square-shaped molds. Then it goes into our walk-in freezer to chill before the wrapping process.

#HERITAGE – Wax Research, Inc. was founded in Encinitas circa 1971. This family of like-minded people is dedicated to that vital spark of individualism and adventure.

#FORTHECORE – Sticky Bumps products are tested, designed, and made for surfers, by surfers.


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