Rusty Surfboard ACT Moby Fish

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Thanks to it’s size, it is a great board for beginners and is a great alternative to a longboard. As it turns out, it’s good for all ranges of ability and surf. The entry rocker is relaxed, which helps with the paddle. The exit rocker is on the average plus side which helps with turning and fits into the waves better. The fuller outline provides lots of surface area, glide and speed. The rails are fuller but somewhat angular with a lower apex providing lift and control.

Available In

6.8 x 21,38 x 2.59 – 42,4 L

7.4 x 22.5 x 2.99 – 56,6 L

Finbox: futures
Fin Setup: Quad 
Construction: ACT
Material: Epoxy


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ACT PREPREG Construction

Torq ACT surfboards are the world’s first EPS/Epoxy Pre-Preg surfboards. The technological advantages are immense, but the most significant advantage is a 100% controlled process with ZERO surplus resin. On any surfboard, the resin’s function is to hold the fiber in place. It offers little structural integrity of its own, little flex, and little impact strength. As a material without fiber, it is heavy and brittle. Any surplus resin is dead weight – resisting flex, adding weight. With the Pre-Preg process, the perfect amount of resin is added to the cloth by machine before the shaped blank is laid up – zero surplus, zero dead weight.

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6.8 x 21,38 x 2.59 – 42,4 L, 7.4 x 22.5 x 2.99 – 56,6 L


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