Premium Woman SC2 Hooded 6/5/4

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The newest addition to our cold water lineup is the incredibly durable SC2 6/5/4 suit from Premium.  With an integrated hood, reinforced kneepads, anti flush entry system and quality limestone neoprene it really ticks all the boxes for a great winter suit. Stay toasty, even when there’s snow on the beach.

  • Limestone based neoprene
  • Superflex neoprene
  • GBS seam
  • YKK S chest zip
  • Anti- flushing
  • S-foam knee pad
  • Flex grooves
  • SC flex tape
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Premium wetsuits are made with high quality materials, designed and developed by experienced surfers from the heart of Europe. We know your demands, world class products & maximum performance.

In Premium wetsuits, performance stands out; maximum flexibility and durability, sealed seams and an adjustment that feels as if it were custom made. In wrists and ankles the SC2 has a band of liquid neoprene to fix the suit to the body and prevent them from moving. GBS seams, YKK zippers, abrasion resistant knee pads make the suits very durable, grooves behind the knee for provides maximum flexibility. See the feature list below that helps make PREMIUM wetsuits one of the best surf suits.


  • LIMESTONE BASED NEOPRENE. Derived from limestone, it is a sedimentary rock created over millions of years for fossilised marine organisms
  • SUPERFLEX NEOPRENE. Premium SUPERFLEX neoprene is a high preformance based fabrics which is laminated to the neoprene. SUPERFLEX has a 300% strecht factor. · SUPERFLEX is warmer, superior flexibility, incredible confortable, smooth, durable and high elasticity, develop to increase the movement, leading to high performance wetsuits
  • GBS SEAMS. Glued and blind stitched seams, a fully sealed, maximun stretch seam construction that keeps water out.
  • ANTI- FLUSHING. A thin band of liquid neoprene in the inner wrists and ankles form and excellent seal and minimize flushing
  • S-FOAM KNEE PAD. Strong and durable abrasion-resistant pad, which extends the life of the wetsuit significantly.
  • FLEX GROOVES. Behind the knee cutouts, to increase flexibility
  • THERMAL INSULATING. Thermal protection lining helps to keep you warm and comfortable
  • SC-FLEX TAPE. Inner waterproof stretch SC-flex tape helps keep you dry throughout the session


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