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Cold Water Stoke Package Men – 7,4ft fun board + Winter Wetsuit 6,4mm (Winter)

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Looking for your first board and keen on catching waves in cold water? Well, the cold water package is for you! This package has all the essential gear to get you started chasing that cold water stoke. Besides a brand new board, this setup comes with a Premium hooded 6,5,4mm wetsuit accompanied by 7mm boots and 5mm gloves to keep warm in the cold and maximize your time amongst the waves. Regarding accessories, you’ll also get a standard 7ft leash and set of fins with your new wave catcher and some cold water wax to get it all sticky for grip.

Scroll down for further specifications regarding surfboard and wetsuit sizes.

ROAM 7' Premium Leash

Great allround leash for most board types and conditions.

- extra strong 7 mm thick urethane cord
- 2 stainless steel joints
- T-bar board attachment with joint
- Fastening loop with Calf size
- Triple-layered edge protectors
- Neoprene cuff with quick opening and integrated key pocket

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Ta dig an vintern med varma fötter! Premium 7 mm stövlarna håller värmen utan att offra brädkänslan och flexibiliteten. Tillverkad av en otrolig stretchig och slitstark "superflex" limestone neopren. Tjockleken på 7 mm gör att även de kallaste vintersessionerna känns rostiga.

  • Limestione "Superflex" neopren
  • GBS-sömmar
  • Flex spår
  • SC flextejp



Det senaste tillskottet i vårt kallvattensortiment är den otroligt hållbara SC2 6/5/4-dräkten från Premium. Med en integrerad huva, förstärkta knäskydd, anti flush entrésystem och kvalitet kalksten neopren det verkligen kryssar alla rutor för en bra vinterdräkt. Håll dig toasty, även när det finns snö på stranden.

  • Limestone neopren
  • Superflex neopren
  • GBS-söm
  • YKK S dragkedja på bröstet
  • Anti-spolning
  • Knäskydd av S-skum
  • Flex spår
  • SC flextejp

Sticky Bumps Original Cool - Cold

Long-lasting and easy to apply. Optimal for water temps 20°C and below.

Product Details

  • Blueberry Scent
  • Non-Toxic / Biodegradable / All-Natural
  • Temperature Rating | Cool/Cold - For water temps 69°F-20°C and below.
  • For Best Performance –  Use Sticky Bumps basecoat under any of their temperature-specific waxes.

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Surfboard TORQ Epoxy TET 7.4 V+ Funboard ClassicCo

The 7,4 Funboard Volume Plus takes the trend for high-volume wide boards into the Funboard model, creating a board with the stability and paddle ability of a much longer board but in a compact, easier-to-turn package. These boards suit all surfers of all abilities, whether looking for a first board or quiver builder for fun days. The high volume makes it super easy to catch waves, while the rocker and bottom contours make this lively and agile under the feet with more performance than you would expect from a larger board. Great for beginners, great for bigger surfers wanting a
shorter board.

Dimentions: 7.4 x 22 x 3

Volume: 56 Liter

Fin Setup: 3 Fin Futures set up

Construction: Epoxy EPS

For surfers weight: 55-110kg


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These gloves have the perfect combination between warmth, flexibility, and dexterity! O'Neill's Tacky Grip allows for the most grip possible, this is ideal whilst duck diving.

Windproof Smoothskin material wicks away water from the glove reducing evaporation, keeping you warmer. The Fluid Seam Weld running over all the GBS stitching means no water can penetrate through the seams.

The O'Ring Seal on the inside wrist of the glove prevents water from flushing down through the arms of the suit into the gloves.

5 i lager

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The Torq TET 7,4ft board suits all surfers of all abilities. The high volume makes it super easy to catch waves, while the rocker and bottom contours make this lively and agile underfoot with more performance than you would expect from a bigger board. Great for surfers transitioning from a longboard to a shortboard or for those looking to catch waves easily in smaller waves.

Diementions: 7.4 x 22 x 3
Volume: 56 Liter
For Surfers weight: 55-110kg
Finbox: 3x Futures


Wetsuit size Guide

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