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The FS-series from Cloud IX boasts a unique design making it suitable for both beginners and pros. Serien togs fram för att hitta den perfekta balansen mellan hög- och lågaspekt. Utilizing a mid-aspect setup, they have combined the speed and responsiveness of a high aspect wing with the stability low aspect provides. The result is a best of both worlds scenario where not even the biggest sizes will feel too chunky under your feet.

Plenty of high aspect features like glide, lift and speed are combined with the low aspect attributes of turning ability and playfulness. The setup handles high speeds well but also excels in slower conditions.

This means the FS-series really comes into its own when surfing waves. Staying nice and controlled at low speeds – while being able to provide that boost when needed – is a game changer in the surf. Additionally, it opens up the door for a wide range of users.

What makes the FS-series magic?

  • Beginner friendly, but made for the pros
  • Provides stability and early lift
  • Speed and glide
  • Pumping/downwind machine
  • Nimble and manoeuvrable
  • Easy to turn (even in bigger sizes)
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Cloud IX focused the attention on the aggressive carving characteristics of the F Series, like the F28, for example. They wanted to combine its forward swept trailing edge design which allowed it to be highly responsive with the speed, pump and glide of the latest generation of high aspect wings that are out on the market today. The new FS (Forward Swept) High Aspect foils offer just that a perfect blend of performance and speed.


Bildförhållande: 8,5
Projicerat område: 550cm2 /
Spännvidd: 68,5 cm / 27 ”
The launch of our latest rocket ship the FS550 is unlike anything else out there. Everyone who’s tried it can’t believe a wing this small can offer so much. The speed, control and maneuverability remain unmatched. It’s the closest thing we have ever experienced to surfing, allowing you to carve as hard and as powerful as you want with control and confidence.
Bildförhållande: 8,6
Projicerat område: 700cm2 /
Spännvidd: 77cm / 30.5″
The FS700 is highly efficient for a wing of this size, the speed, control and maneuverability are second to none. Our goal was to design a high-performance surf machine that would allow you to carve from rail to rail seamlessly yet be predictable and forgiving enough to ride at speed.
Bildförhållande: 8,7
Projicerat område: 850cm2 /
Spännvidd: 86cm / 34″
When designing the FS850 the goal was to create the F28 on Crack! Clous IX still wanted it to rip hard in the surf but really wanted it to be faster, a lot faster. Not only did they achieve this goal but they ended up with a whole lot more bang for the buck. The FS850 has performed beyond the expectations.
Bildförhållande: 8,5
Projicerat område: 1000cm2 /
Spännvidd: 92cm / 36.3″
The FS1000 is super fun and forgiving wing to ride whether SUP, prone, downwind or winging. It has tons of glide and gets up on foil with ease.
Bildförhållande: 8,5
Projicerat område: 1150cm2 /
Spännvidd: 99cm / 39″
The FS1150 is the 2nd largest foil in the series. If you’re looking to pump and glide with minimal effort, go long distances, then this is the wing for you. With a wing span of 39” this foil is still very forgiving, stable and easy to ride. Perfect for small days proning, heavier people, sup, and for light wind winging.
Aspect Ratio: 8.4
Projected Area: 1350cm2 / 209in.sq.
Wing Span: 107 cm / 42.25”
The FS1350, Dark side edition. With its lower profile to increase top end and our signature cord provides the low end you’d expect from Cloud9.
The FS1350 is designed to target the downwind sector and the winding market its amazing to feel the difference.
The unique design allows it to roll over much easier than other wings of similar size. It has an amazing low end, carries great speed, and wants to glide forever. It will allow you to have the best experience when it comes to light wind wing foiling as it gets up on the foil in the most marginal conditions. It tacks upwind effortlessly and easily connects the bumps downwind without ever having to power up the wing. It’s an excellent choice for dock starts, chasing down boat wakes, or learning how to unlock the secrets to downwind foiling.
Aspect Ratio: 9.2
Projected Area: 1780cm2 / 276in.sq.
Wing Span: 129.5 cm / 51”
The FS1780 is a beast, but for a wing of this size it’s surprisingly very easy and extremely comfortable to ride. The unique design allows it to rollover much easier than other wing of similar size. It has amazing low end, carries great speed and wants to glide forever. It will allow you to have the best experience when it comes to light wind wing foiling as it gets up on foil in the most marginal conditions.

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