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Level 2 Surf Package – Torq Mod Fun

The Mod Fun is our go-to board for students that are progressing to shorter boards. It is available in sizes ranging from 6’8 to 7’6. We’ve also selected an amazing low-profile pad from Futures, a sturdy roam leash and some wax to get you ready for those first turns. All of our Torq boards come with fins included.

With its forgiving midlength shape the Mod Fun provides maneuverability without losing too much of that stability you’re used to from bigger boards. For our level 2 students wanting to do their first turns the Mod Fun’s slightly narrower tail and concaved bottom shape really helps the transition rail-to-rail. Moving your weight back towards the tail will unlock an incredibly responsive board. You’ll start whipping this thing around in no time.


This bundle includes:

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Greenfix Surf Wax Base Coat

Basecoat wax for Surfboards, Skimboards, Kiteboards.

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Futures Traction Pad 2-Piece Wildcat

Looking for serious board feel? The archless Wildcat sports an incredibly thin profile - you'll feel everything going on under your feet

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Torq TET Funboard

Ridiculous fun for all levels of surfers in virtually all conditions - Thats the Mod Fun.

*Click icon for full size image of paintjob*

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Roam 7' Premium Leash

7' allround leash for all board types and conditions.

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