Oceanglider Foot straps pack, V-strap + 2 single straps

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We have developed a foot straps package with 3 different straps. A long, straight simple strap it

is good to start with, then without a back strap. This is placed on the center line so that you get the most control over the board. Since the strap is straight, you can stand with your right or left foot in front, and you can push your foot back and forth a little depending on how tall you are, and considering where you have placed the foil in the us-box.

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When you are starting to get ahold of it, and are about to start with turns, gybing, tacks etc. it is perfect to start to use the V-strap which will make this easier for you. The V-strap has also been developed so that you can place your foot where you prefer in relation to your body type. At this stage you may also want to add the back foot strap. With the back strap fitted, you are also ready to start jumping. the back strap is also wide, so that you can move your foot back and forth a bit, and at the same time getting support upwards, which is the main reason for using straps.

The foot straps are made of nylon and are very light. It is 3 layers, with Velcro between the different layers, so that the straps are easy to adjust to what suits your foot. The foot straps comes with stainless steel screws. The V-strap also have 2 washers that shall be placed between the foot strap and the screw.


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